Online Training on Oil and Gas Operations
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Online Training on Oil and Gas Operations
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Online Training on Oil and Gas Operations
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Online Training on Oil and Gas Operations
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Online Training on Oil and Gas Operations
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The Oil & Gas industry have the most widely used source of energy in the world. A career in Oil and Gas industry is not only economically rewarding but also offers internationally secure and exciting career options.

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The options in this industry are vast and range from jobs in Exploration & Production, Refining, Marketing & Distribution and in Research & Development.

The positions available to candidates start from trainee technicians to senior management professionals and all the positions offer very lucrative salaries and benefits.

But the key to success in any opening in this industry is a thorough knowledge of the processesing that occur in the various value addition stages started from Exploration & Production to advanced downstream operations.

We at Petrofieldtraining, provide expert and live field operations oriented training on various subjects coming under this area of the industry. Our courses are designed to help candidates targeting jobs in this industry to secure a career in the Oil and Gas sector. We have a FREE training section to get through the basics of Oil and Gas field Operations. For advanced training options please  contact us.


On-Site Industrial Training

We provide Industrial Training that can be structured to client needs with specific focus as required including assessment and practical test at the end.
Training Institutions, for a direct training session at your institute, contact us at [email protected]

Specialized E-learning Courses

Online Oil & Gas industry courses that go in-depth on the topics discussed with real life cases. Online Oil and Gas certification courses are provided that enhances the chances of employment and the knowledge base of candidates.

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Corporate Training Services
Petrofield Training

We develop and deploy customized Web Baseing Learning solutions for companies in the Oil and Gas Sectore.
Our soultions are tailor made to the corporate needs of the company and easy to deploy and use.
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